The Romulan Star Empire. What's that?
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Mission 1
Title- Pieces

Theexpanse 393.jpg (1010×568)

Synopsis- After taking a heavy battering from an asteroid belt the NX-06 Discovery is forced to return to spacedock, where she will be repaired and take on a totally new crew.

Mission 2


Mission 3
Title- Fish

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Synopsis- While cruising at impulse to repair a damaged warp conduit the Discovery becomes surrounded by a school of intersteller fish-like organisms. Things take a turn for the worse when a hostile alien begins "fishing."

Mission 4
Title- Static

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Synopsis- While on a routine mission to repair several older communication buoys the crew of the discovery make a frightening discovery. The wreckage of an NX class with the registry of NX-06.

Mission 5
Title- Nowhere

S01E05 Nowhere

Synopsis- While traveling through a vast nebula the crew is forced to face beings that seem to be able to slip in and out of reality at will. Forced to defend themselves to until they reach the other side or could they possible figure out what these aliens are really after.

Mission 6
Title- Wall, Part 1

S01E06 Wall Part 1

Synopsis- Traveling for weeks through uncharted space the discovery finally reaches the outer wall of the galaxy, the great galactic barrier. With her first big mission finished they turn home to resupply, when a sudden plasma storm knocks out main power. Now slowly drifting toward the barrier several crew members begin to lose their grasp on reality.