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Season 1, Episode 001
Start Date 19 April, 2011
Finish Date TBA
Directed by TBA
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5 months ago a pair of orion vessels chased the already battle scarred NX-06 Discovery into and asteroid belt. She was nearly destroyed and couldn't even make it back to space dock under her own power. For the last 5 months she has been rebuilt, replacing old and damaged parts for new and better ones.


Now in the last month of repairs The new senior staff come on board and prepare for what is to become the adventure of a life time. Pressure mounts as the launch date approaches. A new crew has to get used to each other and get to work on getting the ship ready to launch.


- All senior staff must meet with the captain

- System checks on all major systems

- Say good-bye to families on earth, we won't be back for a while

- Warp core tests

- Launch~

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