Olivia Saugn
Biographical Information
Homeworld Earth
Species Human
Gender Female
Birth 2130
Death N/A
Physical Description
Height 5'8"
Weight 148 Ibs
Hair Blonde
Eyes Gray
Political Information
Affiliation United Federation of Planets
Posting Discovery (NX-06)
Position Commanding Officer
Lieutenant Commander

Olivia Saugn is a Starfleet officer and the current Commanding Officer of the starship Discovery NX-06.


General OverviewEdit

Olivia is usually cool and focused, but can be more easy going. She's known to be viscous in combat and never relent.


Olivia is known for staying focused even when the heat is on. She highly determined and pushes those around her to achieve loftier goals. She can be very compassionate and has been called a "natural leader". Raised on a freighter she has experience in nearly every area on board a starship giving her a well rounded level of knowledge in all departments.


Olivia has a difficult time relating to others on a personal level, as such she is often seen as emotionally distant. She is known to have a short temper when things fail to go as planned, but tries hard to be fair and understanding.


Olivia maintains that she only wants a peaceful life and to retire on a quiet colony far from the troubles she has had to deal with most of her life.


Early LifeEdit

Olivia Saugn was born on the cargo freighter "Logan's Run" to Kevin Saugn, the engineer, and Samantha Riene-Saugn, a nurse. Growing up on a freighter Olivia had a very limited childhood. She would be very involved in the day to day running of the ship. She quickly absorbed everything the crew new about engineering, medicine, stellar kartography, and stellar phenominon.
During her teenage years she spent much of her time helping her father work in engineering and the warp core.
She would have stayed on the Logan's Run, bt at the age of 17 the diaster on the small freighter caused a loss of power. For nearly a week the crew faught to survive, before slowly realizing that they would probably die.
However with only a few hours left of air the ship was recovered by a Star Fleet ship.
After her life was saved by Star Fleet Olivia decided to submit her application to Star Fleet Accademy.
For the last year she spent on the Logan's Run she spent training her mind and body to prepare for the academy. At the age of 18 she left the Logan's run and joined Star Fleet.

Early CareerEdit

At Star Fleet Academy she quickly distinguished herself from the other recruits with her total focus, And for the first two years she mantained her distance from her fellow cadets, earning herself the nickname "Olivia as Cold as Space". She quickly made it to the top 15% of her class and captain of the academy fencing team.
However in her third year she got a new room mate, Helen Locke. Olivia and Helen Locke soon became lovers and by the end of the third year in the academy the two got married in a quiet ceremony.

Tora NCC-18Edit

After the end of the fourth year of the Academy Helen and Olivia counted themselves lucky that they both got assigned to the USS Tora NCC-18, Olivia as an engineer, helen as a communications officer.
However it was on the Geneva that Olivia and Helen's relationship began to fall apart. The two grew farther and farther apart. The final straw that broke the relationdhip apart was when Oliva found out Helen was having an affair.
Dispite a rocky personnal life Olivia distinguished herself from the other engineers and got a field promotion to the rank of Ensign.
At the end of the year the Chief Engineer recommended her to Star Fleet Command Accademy.

Starfleet Academy, Command TrainingEdit

After a year again she found herself back at Starfleet Academy, this time training for command. Here she went up twice in rank for showing skill in both engineering and tactical situations.

Over the next three years Olivia lost everything she had built for herself over the last four years. Her marriage fell apart and ended in a quiet anullment.
At the Command Accademy Olivia refocused herself and pushed herself through the command accademy. Here she showed extra ordinary skill in tacticaldepartment.

Geneva NCC-26Edit

At the Rank of Lieutenant junior grade she was assigned as assistant armoury officer aboard the Geneva NCC-26. For another two years she severed as armoury officer in charge of equipping away missions. After those two years she received a field promotion to the rank of lieutenant and the position of chief strategic officer.

Earth Outpost 2Edit

After another year on the Geneva she was transferred to an outpost near the Romulan boarder as executive officer. After she was forced to fend off an attack by a rouge Romulan ship she was made commander of the station after the captain died. After the siege was over she was promoted to the rank of commander to suit her new position.

For three years she stood as captain of the small boarder station before the stations computer core began to fail and it had to be decommissioned.

Discovery NX-06Edit

After the Station was decommision she was transfered to the NX-06 discovery. For 6 months she served as executive officer. Until the ship was heavily damaged in a miteor storm and forced to return to dry dock. Here captain Johanison retired and she was promoted to captain of the Discovery to oversee it's reconstruction.

Service RecordEdit

Rank Position Assignment Duration
Cadet First Class
First Year Cadet Starfleet Academy 2148-2149
Cadet Second Class
Second Year Cadet Starfleet Academy 2149-2150
Cadet Third Class
Third Year Cadet Starfleet Academy 2150-2151
Cadet Fourth Class
Fourth Year Cadet Starfleet Academy 2151-2152
Engineer Tora NCC-18 2152-2153
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Officer-in-Training Starfleet Academy, Command Course 2153-2154
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Assistant Armoury Officer Geneva NCC-26 2154-56
Chief Armoury Officer Geneva NCC-26 2156-2157
Executive Officer Earth Outpost 2 2157-2162
Lieutenant Commander
Commanding Officer Discovery NX-06 2162-Present