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Season 1, Episode 003
Start Date TBA
Finish Date TBA
Directed by TBA
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The warp core is at it again and the Discovery is forced to slow to impulse and make repairs. Long range Scans detect a large unknown object aprouching and the Discovery is forced to prepare for combat while still trying to fix that which is broken.


The large unknown turns out to be a large pod of space fareing life forms similar to Earth's whales. The beautiful sight offers the crews first encounter with an unknown alien race. The chance of scientific learning is great to pass up so the ship travels with the pod to learn as much as possible. However all is not well when a team of ships aproach and begin "fishing." The discovery is caught between a hunter and it's prey and will soon be forced to decide who may live and who must die.


- Defensive positions

- Identify the pod

- Travel with the pod and scan the "space whales"

- Fix the warp core

- Learn about the hunters and why they hunt the "space whales"

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