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Crew Information
Commanding Officer: Lieutenant Commander Olivia Saugn
Executive Officer: Lieutenant Roman Bridges
Second Officer: Not Assigned Yet
Current PC Count: 5
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Discovery (NX-06) was the sixth Starfleet NX-Class in service during the mid-22nd century, as well as the sixth to have the warp five engine. Its assignment patch reads "Veni Vini Inveni" meaning in latin: "We Came, We Saw, We Discovered". The Discovery has had many captains and crews since her launch in 2158. She served valiantly during the Earth-Romulan War.



With the success of the Enterprise (NX-01) and the Columbia (NX-02), Starfleet had decided to press in to service the first seven NX-Class starships. The Discovery was constructed in the Proxima Centauri System at the Proxima Shipyards. She was launched under the command of Captain Ethan Johanison in November 2155 and was sent straight in to battle to defend member states of the Coalition of Planets during the Romulan War.

Launch and early missionsEdit

The Discovery led a small task group of eight Starfleet ships assigned to protect the interests between colonies affiliated with the United Earth government and the Andorian Empire. On a number of occasions the Discovery assisted in escort duty of a number of Earth Cargo Service ships. In 2156 the Discovery and its battle group engaged four enemy ships, in the middle of the battle the ship’s starboard nacelle hull plating was melted off after it was bombarded by a payload of nuclear weapons. Discovery for the first time lost use of its warp engines and had to be towed back to the Obama Repair Facility in orbit of Earth by a Vulcan cruiser. The repairs were quickly carried out and the ship returned with the rest of its battle group and joined the re-enforcements sent to Berengaria VII after the planet was successfully re-taken back from the Romulans.

For the next four years the Discovery was involved in many battles against the Romulans and on all occasions survived. Though she was damaged on numerous times and was inflected with causalities the Discovery crew never gave up.

Post Earth-Romulan WarEdit

When victory was declared by Earth and peace was declared between the allies of Earth and the Romulans, Discovery was ordered for a brief refit at Jupiter Station before being sent to begin a one year exploration mission and patrol along the now established Federation-Romulan neutral zone. The Discovery made first contact with six new races and opened negations with two of them in becoming allies with the Federation; this was all achieved within a span of twelve months. At the end of 2162 Captain Johanison had agreed to take up a teaching post on Earth so that he could be with his family and eventually retire. Discovery was ordered back to dock to receive further upgrades and a new skipper. While the ship was in dock a number of computer glitches were found and as such Starfleet spent the next nine months attempting to resolve them. During this time many of the ship’s senior crew were re-assigned as Starfleet decided their experiences and talents were required elsewhere at the time. Eventually by mid-2163 command of the Discovery was handed over to an upcoming officer, Lieutenant Commander Olivia Saugn. Saugn was assigned the duty of assembling a new senior staff and preparing the Discovery for re-launch before the end of the year.